Buying large appliances, like a new dishwasher or oven, can really set you back when it comes to your budget. How can you make it easier on you and your wallet? One solution is to find the right time to buy what you need.

So, we are going to be talking about the best time of year to buy appliances for your home. Whether you just want a basic model or something newer and more elaborate, these time frames will work well for you.

Once you have done your research and found the perfect stove, oven, or fridge, all you have to do is wait for the best window of opportunity to buy it.

Here are our top options for the best time of year to buy appliances. Some of these will overlap and combine with other options on the list, which could mean even better sales for you.

Specific Months of the Year

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Depending on the type of appliance you are going for, the end months of the year are typically going to be one of the best times of the year to buy appliances. The months of September, October, November, and December are when companies usually begin to roll out their new models and start to offer holiday shopping deals for their customers. Once the new models come out, stores tend to be more willing to lower the prices on older designs as well. Depending on the appliance you want, you may get a better deal than you thought this time of the year. We will discuss more on this later as well. However, if you need a new refrigerator, the time frame may be a little different. Appliance makers usually release new designs for fridges in the spring, so that may be a better time to purchase one. Even so, it doesn’t hurt to check out the sales around the holidays or Black Friday for a new refrigerator.

At the End of the Month

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Many stores have salespeople with monthly quotas they really need to meet for the products they are selling. This gives you a little more power when it comes to bargaining or finding the best deal on a new appliance, as the store in question may be a bit more desperate to get rid of the item.

Try going in towards the end of any month and talking to a salesperson about what they have to offer and see if they can be talked down on any prices. You could even try to ask for a discount to see what they say – the worst answer they could give you is no.

In an attempt to sell additional products, the stores in question may even be willing to work with you on what you can afford to give them or direct you to items that are more affordable. Either way, you should end up paying less than what you originally anticipated.

Holidays and Holiday Weekends

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Holidays are a massively popular time to shop, and for a good reason, too. You can actually get incredible deals no matter what the occasion is.

Typically, people think of days like Cyber Monday and Black Friday as the only big chances for huge sales, but holidays like Labor Day, the Fourth of July, and President’s Day will usually have great discounts to entice customers to come in. No matter what the world or country is celebrating, mostlocations will take advantage of customers having the day off of work and have a huge sale.

Holiday weekends are absolutely no different either. If there is a three day weekend coming up due to a holiday, check your local  stores and favorite online sites to see what kind of opportunities they have throughout the time frame for big savings. Buying during a huge holiday sale can offer you sometimes up to 40-50% off of big appliances depending on where you go.

Right Before a New Model is Released

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When a new model of an appliance is released, it’s going to be at the highest price you will ever pay for it. As it is out longer and longer, the price will usually drop over time. Then, once people are excitedover a newer design, it drops even lower.

If you have your eye on a specific design from a brand, keep a lookout for when they are releasing something brand new. Once they start selling the new product, yours should drop dramatically in price and become much, much more affordable.

Because the demand goes down for items as they spend more time in a store, stores and companies typically want to get rid of them to make space for the new products coming out.

What’s the Best Time of Year to Buy AppliancesOnline?

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Now that you have some options for walking into a physical store and saving lots of money on your appliances, let’s discuss what the best time year to buy appliances online is.

Because you are shopping for something so expensive and important, you should really only consider buying an appliance online if you have done extensive research and know what you are precisely looking for.

If you have done your homework and already have an eye on a particular brand or model, the best time to buy appliances online is on Thursdays at about 3 PM. It’s said to be the ideal window for finding additional sales and stores changing prices for their appliances and other merchandise.

On top of having that window every week, Cyber Week and Amazon Prime Day are amazing opportunities for incredible savings. Keep an eye out a few weeks before the holiday’s arrival to see if you can spot any amazing appliance deals.

When To Avoid Buying Appliances

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There are many great times throughout the year to buy your new appliances, but when you should you avoid doing so?

If you can, try to make sure you never wait until the current appliance you own is ready to stop working completely. Trying to buy a new appliance when it’s an emergency puts you in a much more desperate positionand will make it very difficult to get the ideal sale you want.

While it does seem rather counter intuitive to avoid buying the appliance in question when you need it, you will be happy you bought it before you reached the point of needing it desperately. Buying it beforehand ensures that you can wait for the best time of year to buy the appliance.

You can do your research and find out exactly what you like and are looking for. You will be able to haggle and discuss prices with the stores and companies you look at. And, you can shop around and find the absolute best deal.

Another time of the year that you will really want to avoid buying a brand new appliance is right after the newest model from the company you are looking at is released, and the price is still at or right around retail.

Typically, new model prices are higher during the first half of the year (after the holiday season and end of year sales), and they will usually decline with every holiday following the Fourth of July until Black Friday approaches.

Basically, if you can hold off buying throughout the beginning of the year, and it isn’t an emergency, you should be good to go.

Our Final Thoughts on the Best Time of Year toBuy Appliances

We know how frustrating and nerve-wracking buying brand new appliances can be, so we sincerely hope you were able to find a time frame on this list that worked well with what you needed. As long as you have done some thorough research on the best options for you and what you can afford to pay, you should have no issues finding a deal that you can get behind.

Don’t forget to shop around as well. Ensuring that you really have the best deal in your local area, or on the website you are visiting, will make all the difference in the world. When do you prefer to purchase your new appliances? Are you someone who likes to buy them in person, or would you rather go online?

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